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Screening and Brief Intervention ( SBI) is an evidence-based tool designed to identify hazardous alcohol and risk for an alcohol use disorder. SBI incorporates personalized feedback and education that can help produce immediate and significant reductions in drinking.  Furthermore, if screening indicates risk for a serious alcohol use disorder, employees can be referred to treatment.

In an attempt to gain wider use of this tool in the alcohol field, the Brief Intervention Group (BIG) has recently been established with the mission of changing EAP practice industry-wide over the next year, to include integration of alcohol screening using a standardized questionnaire such as the Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test (AUDIT), brief intervention, referral to treatment and follow-up (SBIRT) as a routine practice. EAPs across the country are uniquely positioned to identify and help workers and family members engaged in risky/harmful drinking. The BIG Initiative will primarily focus on adoption of SBIRT for alcohol problems

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