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EAP Purchaser's Guide

EASNA President Barb Veder stated about the EASNA Purchaser’s Guide, “This is both a scholarly and practical document written over a period of several years with the help of more than two dozen industry professionals—researchers, providers, practitioners, and consultants. It references more than 100 research studies and reflects more than 20 years of research and practice in Canada and the United States. This is the Guide for organizations seeking an in-depth resource that clearly explains how a business can work with an EAP to develop management strategies for dealing with mental health, addiction, and work performance issues in the workplace, and to support a culture of workplace wellness and productivity.”

The Guide is offered as a resource for individuals and organizations that purchase or advise on the purchase of EAP services, including brokers and employee benefits consultants, human resource professionals, procurement managers, EAP professionals, researchers, and students in the field of behavioral healthcare. The guide was developed to support all employers or associations purchasing EAPs, whether they are for-profit companies, nonprofit organizations, consortia, unions, or governmental groups.

Download your free EAP Purchaser's Guide at the EASNA website