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American Hospice Foundation: Grief at Work: Resource Manual

This practical manual focuses on how loss and grief affect the normal functioning and productivity of a workplace.  It addresses grief that arises from the death of an employee, a death in the employee’s family, and the long-term illness of employees or their family members. The spiral-bound book provides guidance for managers, human resource personnel and employee assistance professionals. Specific topics addressed include  financial impact of workplace grief; effective corporate bereavement policies; helping the bereaved return to work; dealing with death at the work site; workplace crisis planning; the role of human resource managers, supervisors and employee assistance professionals.  Appendices include comprehensive outlines for training sessions, one for administrators, managers and supervisors, and another for employees.  The manual also incorporates helpful handouts for employees, which may be reproduced or accessed online by purchasers. 
To learn more about this effective guide, visit Grief At Work: Resource Manual on the website of the American Hospice Foundation.


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